Beaches of Western Australia Capturing the world on camera
WA Beach
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Beaches of Western Australia

Beach camping

Beaches of Western Australia

Fishing I take photos that capture the essence of my beach – well..... feels like it if no one else is on the beach . I take photos of landscapes, birds and abstracts.

I’m an amateur photographer I take photos just for fun

I'm very crappy worker, so all the work is done by someone else but I'm a mad photographer so I take photos of just about anything and
Beaches of W.A. Fishing the west coast of Australia

Images of Western Australia

Photography has many uses for business, science, art and pleasure. These photos are just for fun of it - means strictly pleasure Happy. Photographers control the camera and lens to "expose" the light recording material (such as film) to the required amount of light to form a "latent image" (on film) or "raw file" (in digital cameras) blah blah blah.... Photographers may do that, me just the other way around camera controls me I just push the button. Happy
Photos of birds animals and anything i can snap. Wildflowers of Western Australia.

Perth city of excitement. Capital of Western Australia


sand dunes Lancelin Sand
Beach Beach Beach Beach Beach

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Beaches of Western Australia. Fishing the west coast of Australia. Perth city of excitement. Capital of Western Australia